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Affordable Treasures Castile Soap

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 Product ID Item price comment

 cs500 4+ oz. Natural Castile Soap $4.00
This exceptionally mild soap, based on the traditional recipe from Castile, Spain is
made from Olive Oil and lathers quickly with low to medium creamy bubbles.
Wonderful soap that produces large exploding bubbles in the lather. Currently
Available Scents: African Rain, Coconut Cream, Cucumber Dreams, Frangipani,
Garden Mint, Green Apple, Merlot, Milk and Honey, Mountain Meadow, Plum
Spice, Rosemary Wishes, Summer Salad

 cs502 4+ oz.Working Hands (Gardener) Soap $4.00
Designed to clean hands after a day in the garden or the car or any activity that causes the
hands to be in exceptional need of cleaning. Contains pumice for extra scrubbing power.

 cs504 Men's Shaving Soap with Mug and brush $13.95 Cinnamon Clay or
Brown Windsor
 cs504a 2 oz. Men's Shaving Soap (2" diameter refill) $2.25 each Cinnamon Clay, Bay Rum or
Brown Windsor
Cinnamon clove with clay shaving soap is made with cinnamon oil to lift the beard and cloves to add an
invigorating touch to the soap. Brown Windsor scent with clay makes for a hair raising experience. Bay
Rum is a traditional manly scent. Refills are designed to fit most shaving mugs.

 cs506 4+ oz. French Vanilla Cafe $4.00
Coffee helps to remove smells such as onion and garlic. The wonderful smell of coffee
and vanilla, plus the addition of skin softening oils, makes this a perfect hand soap
for the kitchen.

Sensitive and Mature Skin Formula Soaps

This line of soap is formulated for skin that is sensitive and/or needs moisture.  We have included a mixture of fine emollients that have the qualities to pamper your skin.  Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil and Avocado Oil are all rich in skin softening and moisturizing properties.  Herbs such as Calendula, Chamomile and St. Johns Wort have been recognized to pamper your skin.  Lavender is an anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial agent.

The combinations we have designed will give you a wide variety of scents and properties to choose from.  Try and enjoy.

 Product ID Item price comment

 cs507 Unscented $4.00 no additional scent

 cs508 Sensitive and Mature Skin Formula $4.00 see below
Currently available formulas are

Calendula Sunshine is scented with jasmine, cinnamon and orange with calendula flowers

Vanilla Chamomile Tea contains the herb chamomile which is considered to be skin soothing.

Peppermint Morning has a mixture of peppermint essential oil and peppermint leaves. Truly invigorating.

Lavender Rose contains lavender essential oil and a wonderful fragrance mixture of lavender and roses.

Other Scents: Gardenia,  Be My Baby

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