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Citrus Sage Soap

by Beverly F. Jones
Copyright December 2, 1998

8 oz. pineapple sage infused olive oil
24 oz. olive oil
16 oz. palm oil
32 oz. soybean oil
16 oz. coconut oil
13.7 oz. lye (superfatting at 6-7%)
38 oz. water

Use normal soapmaking techniques (see general soapmaking instructions) using all normal precautions.

At medium trace add:
3 oz. palm stearic acid which has been melted in
6 oz. heated castor oil
2 oz. Sweetcakes Pineapple FO
3 ml. Sweetcakes Litsea Cubeba EO
3 ml. Creation Herbal Sweet Orange EO
mix very well - if possible use stick blender. Place in mold; cover and insulate for 24 hours. After removal from mold/molds, slice and let cure 4 to 6 weeks.

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