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Affordable Treasures
Purveyors of Fine Handcrafted Soaps and Bathing Products
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Who We Are

We are a small family owned company dedicated to providing bathing products that will help you cleanse your largest organ. Your skin. We have many friends and customers who are happy that they had the opportunity to enjoy our bathing products. Do you shower or bath only because it is a necessity? How would you like to take a shower and enjoy it so much that you spend more time bathing because it is relaxing and pleasant. Since I have been using handcrafted soap my bathing has become more of a relaxing experience, not a hurried and unpleasant one. Let me tell you about how soap is made.

Vegetable oils are transformed via a chemical reaction called saponification that creates natural glycerin in the finished soap. A lot of the cleansing bars that are available in your local stores are detergents made from petroleum distillates and not from oils.

In soaps, as in our handcrafted bars, glycerin helps to moisturize and soften your skin. This is in contrast to most mass produced soap which does not contain all of its glycerin. This is because glycerin is more valuable to manufacturers when it is sold as a separate product.

I want to welcome you to a new skin cleansing experience. You will love our soaps because we use only the finest ingredients. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible bathing products with which you may indulge yourself.

Top quality glycerin soap base is used to provide you with a skin loving cleansing product. For those who are familiar with and prefer soap made from olive oil, we have provided a selection of Castile Soaps.

Custom blended scents, added to selected items from our extensive product list, allow you to choose a wide variety of fragrances for an exciting bathing experience. Take a look at our Discount Packages. They give you a fantastic way to introduce yourself to our products.

If you want to have a special formulation of cream or soap email us with your request at

NOTE: It is recommended by leading experts that you should always perform a skin test before using any new product.

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